• Testimonies

    “I  need to say a massive thank you to Silklife for the food parcel I received in September. It was a lifesaver. To have nice food is a godsend, thank you to all who donate, so grateful to everyone.”

    Foodbank Client, September 2014


    ‘I would like to thank you for responding so promptly to my recent request for a foodbox for a gentleman in Wilmslow.  This was a much needed ‘port in a storm’ and has helped a struggling family survive through one more week.  Without this valued service, I fear that we would not be able to report a positive outcome in people’s lives.’

    Community Mental Health Reablement Team, January 2013


    We got robbed  just before Christmas so we had no money  Because of the Foodbank we could enjoy Christmas and the children had a Christmas meal and chocolate biscuits.  If we had not been able to use the Foodbank we would not of had a Christmas meal.  Thank you to everyone who puts food in the Foodbank it helps families in need.

    Foodbank Client, December 2012


    Many thanks for the food parcels you have provided for the lady and her young son I have been supporting.  We are increasingly working with vulnerable people who are experiencing food poverty and the Foodbank is a fantastic resource.

    Community Mental Health Reablement Team, November 2012


    ‘I was struggling with debts and couldn’t feed my family due to a very low income.  I got in touch with CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and they are sorting my debts out.  They also directed me to Silklife Foodbank.  Within a few hours one of the girls dropped off a foodbox that kept us going for days, it was such a relief. The Foodbank makes such a difference to people like me who are on a low income.’

    Foodbank Client, June 2012


    ‘Just thought I’d send a quick email to forward on the thanks from the lady I took a food parcel to last week. She was very overwhelmed by the sheer amount and quality of the food- saying that she had never had so much food in her cupboard and was very grateful she could afford heating when her son was home from university because she wouldn’t have to buy food.  Thank you so much again; it’s so useful for our service to be working with someone as kind and flexible as you are in helping families.’

    Barnardos Domestic Abuse Service, Christmas 2011


    “I would like to express the thanks of my entire department and staff for the help that your church have given us so far. You have prevented severe hardship to many people and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

    Cheshire East Housing Options


    ‘This service really is a life saver!!!’

    Citizens Advice Bureau


    ‘As our clients are recovering alcoholics, we encourage our residents to claim ESA and not JSA as this enables the individual to attend the various support groups they need in the initial stages of recovery. This however unfortunately often ‘messes up’ their benefits so they have a few weeks where they receive no income until the claim is processed. Your service is therefore invaluable as a stepping stone in their recovery.’

    Adullam Homes Housing Association