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    Volunteers Help With Much Needed Stocktake

    by  • February 27, 2013 • Silklife Foodbank

    StockroomStockWe are very grateful to all our volunteers who help in countless ways behind the scenes.  We would like to thank everyone who helped with our recent reorganisation of our newly extended stockroom.  All our food has now been date checked and organised which will really help us to keep giving a great service (Volunteers Sandy, Terry and John pictured).

    Urgent Food Request

    by  • February 19, 2013 • Donations, Silklife Foodbank

    EmptyWe are always amazed by people’s generosity and the amount of food that is donated by the people of Macclesfield.  However, despite having an abundance of some foods we are actually running out of others.  We only have 2 tins of rice pudding left, no tinned sponge puddings, instant custard, or angel delight. We are also desperately short of tinned/instant potatoes, tinned peas, carrots and sweetcorn.  If you buy food for us, we would really appreciate it if you could switch to buying something from this new ‘wanted’ list. Thank you so much!

    100kg of Food Donated this Week!

    by  • February 8, 2013 • Donations, Sainsbury's, Silklife Foodbank

    Donation BoxThank you so much to all of you who donate food to the Foodbank.  This week we have had over 100kg of food donated through our donation point in Sainsburys!  We are helping a growing number of people and everything you give is very much needed.  If you’re shopping for the foodbank, we have been given an lots of  beans, soup, tea, coffee, pasta and tinned fish but we’re still really short of tinned potatoes, instant mash, tinned vegetables, rice pudding, sponge puddings, custard and sugar and would appreciate donations of these.  We cannot stress how much your help is needed and appreciated.


    Donation from Inner Wheel Club of Macclesfield

    by  • February 2, 2013 • Donations, Silklife Foodbank

    We would like to thank the Inner Wheel Club of Macclesfield for their generous donation of food this week.  Bridget Brooks, Judy Bishop (Club President) Adrienne Fox (District 5 Chairman, pictured), Kathy Boon(pictured) and Janet Hetherington came to the Silklife centre this week to learn more about the foodbank and deliver the food.  We really appreciate all the support we get from community groups and local businesses, it makes a real difference.